A Protest against a Terror Attack on Japanese Diplomats in Iraq

1 December 2003

Tadayoshi KUSANO
General Secretary

  1. An unforgivable terror attack happened in the morning of 29 November. Mr. Katsuhiko Oku and Mr. Masamori Inoue, a counsellor at the Japanese Embassy in the United Kingdom and a third secretary stationed in Baghdad respectively and an Iraqi driver were shot and killed when driving in a 4-wheel drive near Tikrit in northern Iraq on Saturday,

  2. The two Japanese diplomats had been working for reconstruction of Iraq at the front. We wish to pray their souls may rest in peace and express our deepest sympathy to their family on their death.

  3. We bear vehemently condemn the tragedy. Questioning about inadequate safety measures taken by and an overly optimistic outlook of the Government, we would urge the Government to disclose all information about the tragedy before the peoples. In addition, we would call for a thoroughgoing deliberation at the Diet.