Immediately End the War in Iraq

24 March 2003

Japanese Trade Union Confederation (RENGO)

RENGO, from the fundamental perspective of opposing war for whatever reason, under whatever circumstances, has taken various actions to find a peaceful solution. However, the U.S. and British military forces began the war against Iraq with military strikes. This is extremely regrettable.

RENGO, as members of a country that was the victim of nuclear bombing, from the standpoint that no nation can be permitted to possess nuclear or other weapons of mass destruction, for any reason, has taken the following actions:

  • We have demanded that the problem of Iraq be resolved by the government of Iraq itself, in compliance with Resolution 1441 of the United Nations Security Council, by completely eliminating its weapons of mass destruction and restoring international trust;

  • We have demanded that the governments of the United States and Britain resolve the issue peacefully without military action.

  • We have called on the Japanese government to listen to the voices of its many citizens who want a peaceful solution, and to promptly work with other governments to work for a peaceful settlement, and to make all information open to the people.

  • In addition, we have cooperated with trade union movements in other countries, centered around the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU), to work for a peaceful settlement.

We fundamentally believe that a peaceful solution should be reached, and in order to achieve an immediate end to the war in Iraq, resolve as follows:

  1. The United Nations should take various measures to quickly end the war and resolve the problems in a peaceful manner. It should demonstrate a powerful initiative to restore world peace and the international order.

  2. The governments of the United States, Britain and other countries participating in the action should promptly cease hostilities.

  3. The Government of Iraq should work to contain the conflict so that its people do not suffer any more, by urgently and fully complying with UN Security Council Resolution 1441, and issuing a statement that it will eliminate its weapons of mass destruction.

  4. The Japanese Government, in strict compliance with its Constitution, should as an important member of the United Nations work in linkage with other countries calling for a peaceful solution, and try to contain the situation by making diplomatic efforts to achieve a prompt cease-fire.

  5. RENGO, in order to maintain the international system of peace and order centered around the United Nations, defend the lives and human rights of ordinary citizens in Iraq, and protect the global environment, will, in addition to taking independent actions, strengthen links with the ICTFU and trade unions in various countries to call upon the agencies concerned to make efforts toward a peaceful solution.