Mori Cabinet Resign-Replace Ruling Coalition
Realize Demands! 5000 Turn out for 2/22 Demo
(23 February 2001)

While our working citizens are suffering with employment and lifestyle anxieties, the KSD scandal and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Cabinet slush fund scandal both have come to light. In order to pursue a thorough investigation into this chain of dirty dealings and seek the resignation of the Mori Cabinet and the defeat of LDP-New Komeito-New Conservative Party coalition government, RENGO held its "RENGO Demands Realization Central Rally" at Hibiya Concert Hall on the 22nd. At the rally 5000 union members gathered to display their strong distrust and anger at the Mori Administration.

Photo:5000 demonstrators head for the Diet building

RENGO Chairman Washio criticized the government's lukewarm employment policies saying, "even NIKKEIREN is emphasizing that 'job security will improve the economy.'" He claimed if we do not secure employment, increase wages, and expand social security then the "poor economic conditions will not change."
Further, he indicated that "suspicion over the KSD graft and the slush fund scandals occurred due to the adherence of politics, officials, and businesses mainly with the Liberal Democratic Party." He called on the attendees saying, "we must defeat the ruling coalition and win with the Spring Struggle and the House of Councilors Elections."
Following that, RENGO Secretary General Sasamori displayed his anger saying, "if things continue like this, working people and the country will be ruined. Who brought our country to this state?" Remarking on the Spring Struggle he said, "raise wages to revive the economy" to ask for further effort in the workplace. He said that RENGO is taking a stance of "double posture of fighting politics and fighting the economy."
Opposition Party members including Democratic Party Secretary General Naoto Kan, Social Democratic Party Secretary General Sadao Fuchigami, and Liberal Party Secretary General Hirohisa Fujii each showed their resolution to unify the four opposition parties to bring down the Liberal Democratic Party, New Komeito Party, and the New Conservative Party ruling coalition.
After the rally, participants, led by Washio, marched on to the Diet to demonstrate repeatedly shouting, "Prime Minister Mori-Take Responsibility!" "Realize the 1.4 million job plan!" "Legislate the Work and Family Balance Assistance Law!" At the Diet reception area demonstrators cheered the many opposition party representatives who were waiting on hand.


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