Labor Think Tanks/Exchange Forum Held
DENKI RENGO Research Center Receives Top Award
(2 Dec 2003)
On November 14, the “Labor-Related Think Tank Council” consisting of twelve RENGO and RENGO affiliated organization-related research study institutions including RENGO-SOKEN (JTUC Research Institute for Advancement of Living Standards-RIALS), held its 4th Exchange Forum at DENKI RENGO Hall. Research findings on real employment and labor conditions, the function and the role of labor unions, and so forth were presented in the form of ten reports.

The DENKI RENGO Research Center (DENKI-SOKEN) was awarded the highest prize for its “awareness survey of union activities by union members (a health examination questionnaire given to union organizations).” The survey revealed evaluations of the daily activities and efforts of unions in the “General Health Index,” such as “trust in the executive office,” “building workplaces comfortable to work at,” which explored the factors that determine whether or not a union is reliable. (DENKI-SOKEN Report No.340)

Incentive awards were given to the Labour Research Council (ROUCHOUKYO) for its “Annual Income Trends of the Last Ten Years” and the ZENTEI (Japan Postal Workers’ Union) Research Institute for their “East Asian Vision and Japan’s Postal Savings and Insurance.”

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