2004 Spring Struggle Urgent Policy (1)
Develop “Actions to Secure Jobs and Living Standards”
(24 Dec 2003)
RENGO endorsed its “2004 Spring Struggle/Urgent Policy (1)” at the first Central Struggle Committee Meeting on December 18. As part of a series of “Actions to Secure Jobs and Living Standard” RENGO will conduct several actions including the “Rally to Realize Policy Demands” on February 6, 2004 and a “Pep Rally to Secure Jobs and Living Standards” on March 6 with the peak period of Spring Struggle negotiations as its target and continue to develop forums. Meanwhile RENGO endorsed the establishment of an “intensive reply period” for when small to mid-sized local unions should expect to receive replies from management [regarding their demands] between March 22 to 31, and especially during the peak period of March 22 to 24.

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