Third Central Executive Committee Meeting Held
(24 Dec 2003)
RENGO’s third Central Executive Committee Meeting was conducted on December 18, at SOHYO Kaikan in Tokyo. The following matters were discussed at the meeting.

Matters Discussed at the 3rd Central Executive Committee Meeting
Date: 13:30-16:00, Thursday, December 18
Place: Large Meeting Room, 2nd Floor, SOHYO Kaikan
1. On RENGO’s response to the “Privatization of the Workers' Accident Compensation Insurance system” by the Council for Regulatory Reform (Cabinet Office) (draft)
2. On RENGO’s (first) response to “Subcommittee on employment measures for basic problems” in the Employment Security sectional meeting of the Labor Policy Council (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare).
3. On RENGO’s urgent response to the Property/Credit Security Subcommittee, Legislative Council (Ministry of Justice).
4. On the addition/Reinforcement of “RENGO guidelines for a model agreement” on dismissal/fixed-term labor contracts arising from revision of the Labor Standards Law (draft).
5. On conducting Surveys/ Questionnaires of real conditions
- The 7th urgent employment survey of actual condition
- On conducting subcontractor-based questionnaires on the actual conditions in order to create fair trade.
6. On RENGO’s response to the final report compiled by the Equal Employment Opportunity Sectional Meeting of the Labor Policy Council (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare) (draft).
7. On continuing the “Get a receipt & check your medical fees” campaign (draft).
8. On opinion exchange forum activities (Action Route Part II) among RENGO, affiliated organizations, and others
9. On RENGO Political Center-related matters
- Summary of the struggle for the 43rd House of Representatives Election (draft)
- On the recommendation of election candidates in each class
10. Other
- On holding the 4th Social Security Workshop (draft)
- On conducting the 2004 Thai Disabled Assistance Project and calling for participants.
- Time table: from December 2003 through January 2004.

The First Central Struggle Committee
1. 2004 Spring Struggle Urgent Policy (1)
2. Other

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