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The Great East Japan Earthquake
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The 2011 off the Pacific coast of Tohoku Earthquake
RENGO Updates Last Updated: 26 Nov. 2014
19 November 2014
Regarding the Postponement of the Consumption Tax Rate Increase and the Announcement of the Dissolution of the Lower House
On November 18, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced his intention to postpone the increase of Japan’s consumption tax rate to 10% until April 2017, and to dissolve the Lower House on November 21 and call a general election in order to gauge the public’s opinion regarding this decision. Having caused the collapse of the agreement among the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ), Liberal Democratic Party and Komeito through his own policy mismanagement, Mr. Abe’s decision to expend an enormous amount of taxpayer funds in dissolving the Lower House and holding an election must be viewed with suspicion, as a prioritization of partisan interests. The reform of Japan’s social security system and the restoration of the nation’s finances to an even keel cannot be delayed, and the government bears an extremely heavy responsibility in creating a situation that can only set back the achievement of those goals.
02 October 2014
Address from the President at the 68th Meeting of the Central Committee
For the Central Committee, recognizing the issues for the next year is an important challenge as we reflect on how the two-year action policy, which was adopted by the 13th Biennial Convention held a year ago last October, has been implemented during the past year. I would like to offer some of my opinion on the advancement of the RENGO movement from here on.
18 September 2014
A RENGO Perspective on “Japan’s Stewardship Code”:From the Standpoint of Promoting Responsible Investment of Workers’ Capital
Formulation of “Japan’s Stewardship Code”
The Financial Services Agency (FSA) formulated and published “Principles for Responsible Institutional Investors <Japan’s Stewardship Code>”* (hereinafter “the Code”) on February 26th, 2014. In response, by the end of May 2014, 127 institutional investors, including the Government Pension Investment Fund (GPIF), have announced their adoption of the Code.(Institutional investors such as financial institutions and public pension funds have started to adopt the Code, but corporate pension funds not yet.)<
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RENGO is the largest trade union national center in Japan with 6.8 million membership.
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