RENGO’s Urgent Requests to Chief Cabinet Secretary on the Novel Coronavirus response

05 March 2020

The Japanese Government asked all elementary school, junior high schools and senior high schools as well as schools for special needs education to close temporarily from March 2, until the end of spring break, on February 27th. In this light, RENGO made an urgent request for Mr. Suga, Chief Cabinet Secretary on the Novel Coronavirus response on March 4th at the Prime Minister’s Office.

President Kozu handed RENGO’s urgent requests on the Novel Coronavirus response to Chief Cabinet Secretary, emphasising on the following three points;

  1. To secure safe place including after-school care programs for children;
  2. To inform employers and workers adequately to establish subsidy scheme and to prevent the dismissal or lay-off, so that the parents are able to take leave due to the school closure;
  3. To provide support and introduce the subsidy scheme, as well as utilises the Employment Adjustment Subsidy, for the micro-, small and medium size companies which will face drastic change of business environment, so that they can secure their jobs.

It was also mentioned about the necessity of the support to foreign people who may lose their qualification of stay due to the dismissal.

RENGO will continue our movements for all workers and people to secure their safety and health, and their working environment without apprehensive.