RENGO’s Requests on Maintaining and Securing the Whole Supply-Chain

19 March 2020

On 9 March, 2020, RENGO made the requests to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Investment, and the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency on maintaining and securing the whole supply-chain in the Basic Policies for Prevention and Control of the Novel Coronavirus issued on 25 February.

General Secretary Aihara handed RENGO’s requests to Mr. Maeda, Commissioner, Small and Medium Enterprise Agency, and stated that small and medium enterprises are facing difficulties in their operation because of the Novel Coronavirus and the Ministry and the Agency need to take drastic policy such as the loan with no interest, and approach the parent companies to maintain the business environment for their subsidiary companies, subcontractors and suppliers.The Commissioner responded that the Agency acknowledge the situation and the second emergency response package included all policies that could be taken. It was also stated that it would be very important to implement measures to pass on labour cost, which is under consideration within the Government and will be announced accordingly.