RENGO Statements and Views

Statement on the Military Invasion of Ukraine by Russia

24 February 2022

1. We Resolutely Condemn this Action, which is in Breach of International Law
On 24 February, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the implementation of military action against Ukraine. According to media reports, missile attacks and invasions by land forces have already taken place. This series of actions, including the unilateral recognition of parts of eastern Ukraine as independent states, violate the territory and sovereignty of Ukraine and are breaches of international law, which mandates peaceful resolution to conflicts. JTUC-RENGO resolutely condemns the military invasion and strongly urges an immediate cessation of military operations and withdrawal of armed forces.

2. A Prompt Response by the International Community is Required for the Restoration of Peace and Stability
As a matter of urgency, it is necessary to guarantee the lives, property and human rights of Ukrainian citizens and Japanese residents as well as to prevent the spread of political and economic turmoil throughout the world. We call for an early restoration of regional peace and stability through prompt and close dialogue among the international community, including the United Nations. We urge the Japanese government to take all possible measures to protect Japanese residents and to play a diplomatic role in resolving the situation.

Hideyuki Shimizu
General Secretary
Japanese Trade Union Confederation